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Alternatives to Holloway pamphlet from 1970s

This pamphlet from 1972 suggests alternatives for the site at HMP Holloway! It may be 44 years later but it's never too late for something different...


"There will be a large secure building and a large open space, both of which could be used for many different purposes. Since security arrangements would not be necessary, some of the alternatives could be self-contained units with their own entrances into the street. The suggested alternative uses would involve a re-evaluation of the plans, but as work has begun on the staff quarters only, it would not be too difficult to put some of these suggestions into effect.

1.That part (of the secure building) be used by some of the London courts as an outpatients department for medical and psychiatric reports.

2.That part be run as a voluntary long term community for, say drug addicts.

3.That part be used as an open bail hostel.

4.That part be used as an open hostel for some alcoholics or other heavily institutionalised people.

5.That part be available to local groups for various activities such as play-groups, adventure playgrounds, etc: a large part could be used as a community centre.

6.That part provide short-term ‘crisis’ accommodation and other help.

7.That part be used for flats for homeless families."

Alternatives to Holloway (1972)

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