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Discussion Paper consultation period ends Monday, 10th April

Islington Council is working on a piece of planning guidance covering the Holloway site which will be adopted as a 'Supplementary Planning Document' (SPD). It will provide site-specific guidance around the council's existing policies and whoever ends up buying the site and submitting future planning applications will have to refer to the guidelines in the SPD. The council aims to complete the SPD in time for adoption in Autumn 2017.

In preparation the council has produced a 'Discussion Paper' which lays out the key topics which they intend to include in the SPD. They are asking for comments and suggestions and we now have a limited time frame, ending on 10th April, to provide feedback on the six sections they have currently identified. We are asked to comment on their proposed content provided and whether we think anything is missing.

The six sections they have identified for the SPD are:

1. Site history and prison reform

2. Site context and planning constraints

3. Future uses (including community uses and housing)

4. Design

5. Delivery

6. Key planning and development objectives

At this stage it is important for the council to receive replies from each of us so they repeatedly and clearly hear the demand for the key aims Reclaim Holloway is calling for: genuinely affordable housing, legacy projects including a women's building, and community spaces to meet local needs.  

The discussion paper and information on how to respond via email, in writing or through an online survey are included with the discussion paper, which can be found here.

Please read the discussion paper and respond to the council by 5pm on Monday, 10th April!

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